Rationale Online

The new version of Rationale is Rationale Online.

Rationale Online works instantly without installation on all platforms in modern browsers.

With Rationale Online – depending on the version you choose – there is this e-book , different options for sharing files, a Tablet version and the Collaboration function: you can make a group of users to work together online at the same map.

Maps made with Rationale Windows 2 can be imported in Rationale Online; files made in Rationale Online can be saved as Rationale Windows (.rtnl) files.

You can sign up HERE for a free trial account.

For institutional users there is a version of Rationale Online that can be installed on your own server. Please contact us for more information.

Download Rationale Windows 2.0.10

For e.g schools with limited internet connections or institutions that need to work off-line, Rationale 2 is normally available. When you want to download a trial version of Rationale Windows software, please contact us.