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Set 12 - A challenge

Your challenge is to put everything you've learned into practice in one final exercise: construct a complex analysis map, evaluate it and write an essay based on your map.

You need more information to help you to do this: before starting the exercise you'll learn how to show basis box information, copremise structures and evaluations in essay prose.

Skills and key concepts

(Note: set 12 will take longer than 15 minutes to complete.  The time taken will depend upon which of our three challenges you choose.)


Set 12 - A challenge • Bases • Copremises • Evaluations • Example • Polishing • Pick your challenge • Final

Austhink 2007.  Rationale Exercises version 0.1, Sep-07

Note: these exercises are undergoing continual improvement. Next time you come back they might be a bit different.

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