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Set 1 Grouping

Set 2 Argument Parts

Set 3 Indicators

Set 4 Refining Claims

Set 5 Locating Arguments

Set 6 Essays

Set 7 Basis Boxes

Set 8 Evaluating

Set 9 More on Evaluating

Set 10 Advanced Reasoning Maps

Set 11 Advanced Evaluation

Set 12 A challenge




Here you'll find exercises designed to help you understand more about creating thinking maps in Rationale.

Along the way, we cover some basic concepts and principles of reasoning and critical thinking. 

There are 12 sets of exercises, each intended to take about 15 minutes.

Austhink 2013.  Rationale Exercises version 0.1, Jan-13

Note: these exercises are undergoing continual improvement. Next time you come back they might be a bit different.

Let us know what you think!